June 28, 2022

• Milk production during May was down 0.7% compared to one year earlier, according to USDA’s Milk Production report. This was the seventh consecutive month of production decline compared to a year earlier.

• Not all dairy states are in retreat mode. Texas had a 5.8% boost in production during May while South Dakota was up 15.2%. The Lone Star State is now the third largest dairy state, trailing only California and Wisconsin and recently surpassing New York and Idaho.

• Cattle and calves on feed for the U.S. slaughter market totaled 11.8 million head on June 1. The inventory was 1% above a year ago and is the highest June 1 inventory since tracking began in 1996. Placements in feedlots during May totaled 1.87 million head, 2% below 2021.

Canada thistle is relentless.

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June 21, 2022

• Time to start scouting for potato leafhoppers.

Harvest and maintain forage quality at its optimum level.

• This is the pasture plant we love to hate.

• The solution for fescue toxicosis is not always what we think.

Pasturing pigs has a long history.

June 14, 2022

• Total exports of U.S. alfalfa hay totaled 231,906 metric tons (MT) during April. Year-to-date exports through April remain slightly ahead of 2021, but the past two months have been below the previous year. Total exports of grass hay were running 5% behind 2021 through April, according to USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service.

• China imported 110,191 MT of U.S. alfalfa during April. This was marginally below its total from a year ago, but its year-to-date total through April remains 9% ahead of 2021.

• Japan also is ahead of 2021 for importing U.S. alfalfa. Through April, it has purchased 243,840 MT compared to 208,251 MT a year ago. Saudi Arabia is well off its 2021 pace. It has only purchased 45,560 MT of U.S. alfalfa during the first four months compared to 104,637 MT last year.

• Keeping bermudagrass stem maggot in check requires multiple mitigation strategies.

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June 7, 2022

• Residual herbicides caused damage when this hay was sold as garden mulch.

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• A USDA Farm Storage Facility Loan can help with additional hay or silage storage.

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