Just in case reading eHay Weekly wasn’t on your Top 10 “to do” list every Tuesday morning of the past year, here’s a chance to catch up with the most-read articles that came through your inbox in 2017. As we look ahead to 2018, we will once again strive to bring you relevant forage production and marketing information each week.

In order by when they appeared, here are eHay Weekly’s Top 10 from 2017:

That’s a wrap
In this article we discussed some of the management factors inherent with using net wrap. January 10

What’s the going rate for baling?
The annual review of custom rates from states that compile such information is one of our most popular reads each year. February 21

Alfalfa-grass confession time
Pure alfalfa stands or mixes with a grass? There are reasons for both approaches. March 28

Here’s what matters
In this article, we examine why our hay marketing system needs to value fiber digestibility. May 23

First you cut, and then it rains
It’s never a good feeling when hay gets rained on after it has been cut. There’s good reason for feeling that way. May 30

Is morning or afternoon cutting best?
This is an age-old haymaker question. The answer: It depends, and this article explains why. July 18

Which rake takes the cake?
This article discussed some of the advantages and disadvantages of various rake types available on the market. July 25

Giving alfalfa a dance partner
In this article, we explored how to extend alfalfa stand life by interseeding a grass in the third or fourth year of the stand. August 15

The curious case of reed canarygrass
Depending on perspective, reed canarygrass draws curse words or praise. October 31

Here’s how the Saudis turn oil into milk
Saudi Arabia is a growing export market for alfalfa hay. While cutting off water for domestic alfalfa production, the country is using oil money to provide subsidies for animal feed products. December 19